Residential and Commercial

With a comprehensive range of products we cater for your complete range of flat glass needs.

We do:

  • repairs and revamps of all homes, offices and factories
  • Custom made table tops
  • Laminated and toughened glass processing

For our shop fronts, we do the replacements of any damaged glass using only the finest laminated products which offer UV protection and security.

Our products offer peace of mind as it’s composition averts tragedy; making it more difficult for criminals to intrude your building.

The UV protection used in our products protect merchandise, furniture, fabrics, equipment and plants by filtering out up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Aluminium Framed Sliding & Patio Doors

We offer bespoke design and manufacturing solutions, that ensure our products not only look great but that our custom designs meet your direct needs.

Our sliding and patio doors are laminated toughened safety glass that complies with the strict safety legislation contained in the National Building Regulations.

The glass offers protection against injuries as the glass itself is designed to break into thousands of small, relatively harmless pieces.


Utilising copper-free mirrors that last much longer than ordinary mirrors, we can cut to size and fit it far more effectively as virtually no edging work is required.

The product is, therefore, tarnish resistant, which lasts longer and is priced in the same range as ordinary mirrors.

We offer the following mirror solutions:

  • Bevelled mirrors
  • Polished mirrors
  • Mirror splash backs
  • Sliding mirror doors
  • Customised mirror boxes, underplates, centerpieces etc.

Glass Removal

If a building has been assigned for demolition, we do the removal of all windows and aluminium.

Sand-blasting and Window Tinting

We can brand your office space or shop front with your logos, offering you privacy, advertising, and quality signage, giving your business a professional aesthetic look.

We do on-site window tinting for all your tinting needs, from mirrored tinting to UV tinted solutions.


Private and Corporate

Newclare Auto Glass is our windscreen and motor glass solutions division that is currently servicing both private and corporate clients such as Regent Insurance.

Partnerships that harness the expertise, experience, and skills of individuals and organisations regardless of race, gender, creed or religion with the primary consideration being a commitment to bringing about meaningful change.

Through these partnerships our auto-glass solution offers clients:

  1. 1. Professional windscreen replacement services
  2. 2. Chip repairs
  3. 3. Mobile fitment operators
  4. 4. Affordable auto-glass which meets the SABS, EU and DOT quality and safety standards

White Box Construction

Commercial Properties

In our white box service, we prepare spaces that are ready for tenant improvement.

We move into spaces that were previously used and clear out any furnishing that was used by previous tenants. Once we have a shell, we remove all flooring, prep the walls for painting, replace ceiling panels complete with air vent ducts etc.This allows new tenants to do the painting and flooring of their choice.

We offer a full commercial service, efficiently restoring spaces to a “white box” without compromising on quality.