Newclare Glass & Mirrors was founded by Gary Arends in 2003 and like every other start-up business, Newclare Glass & Mirrors was no stranger to the teething pains; however, due to his dynamic leadership, the business grew to large proportions as he implemented his strategy of “Service Excellence and Competitive Pricing”.


The company supplies commercial and residential glass, aluminium frames and mirrors to the greater Gauteng region, and is an accredited member of the South African Glass and Glazing Association (“SAGGA”).


Newclare Glass & Mirrors is a black-owned, managed and operated Newclare Glass & Mirrors is a black-owned, managed and operated enterprise, with its roots firmly grounded within a disadvantaged community that bears the full brunt of unemployment, poverty and crime.


With this at its doorstep, Newclare Glass & Mirrors have an auto-glass division trading as Newclare Auto-Glass which has resolved to being a contributing source to alleviate the plight of the marginalised by exploring ways to create opportunities for them.


Newclare Glass & Mirrors has grown to where it is today because of the commitment received from the staff members, who have all been with Gary since its inception.

As a commercial enterprise we have adopted a business philosophy of “doing the best we can, with what we know best”…

This approach ensures that in building a sustainable business, we remain focused on our core competencies without compromising on the quality of our service offering.


The success of our business can only be guaranteed through mutually beneficial partnerships with our employees, clients and suppliers.


We have a clear understanding of not only our stakeholder’s need but also their expectation and with this understanding we are able to offer our clients value for money and the efficient delivery of a cost-effective and quality service.


Our suppliers are given a level of consistency and structure when making orders as well as timeous payments.


We also provide employees with an environment conducive to personal development and growth, and fair remuneration for services offered.


In striking this balance we are able to maintain a sustainable business with very positive growth prospects.

Our vision is to be the leading glass and aluminium service provider in Africa.



We will realise this vision by accepting our mission to be an overarching provider of a holistic solution that incorporates the administration, supply and fitting of high-quality safety flat and auto-glass at affordable prices, incorporating the ultimate in client convenience.